Pricing Your New Custom Home

Pricing a new home can be very confusing to say the least.  There are many builders that will quote a "price per square foot" but it is impossible to quote someone a price per square foot on a home and be accurate, and here is why. 


There are many things that go into building a home that cost the same no matter what the square footage.  For example, say your home needs a well, and that well cost $3000.  In a 1500 sq ft home,  the well cost would be $2.00/sf, but in a 2000 sf home, only $1.50.



There are many similar fixed costs that go into pricing a home, so the more living square footage, the less per square foot it will cost to build.


So we have come up with a base price of $65 per square foot on a home that has a minimum living area of 2100 sq ft with no non-conditioned area(garage, lanai, entry, etc.) then add $41 per sf for non-conditioned area.  So a 2100 sf home with 800 sf of non-conditioned area would start around $169,300. 


There are many other factors that effect the cost to build a home, so we need to have a design and plans, and land in order to price your home accurately. 


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