We Work With You to Accomplish
YOUR Vision!

We understand the challenges of finding the "perfect house".
The biggest obstacle in designing a home is getting your vision on
paper, then built the way you picture it...

So you can't find a home builder with a model that suits you?  It is frustrating when you have a particular style and/or layout in mind and you can't find it anywhere!

Most people have trouble looking at a plan and seeing the finished product, so just looking at the many thousands of plans on the internet is usually not much help either.

But we know how to take your ideas, your vision, and design and build the home you are looking for. 

Dale knows how to ask the right questions to get a "feel" for what you have in mind until we are confident that it is what you have invisioned.  Then he will take that vision and draw a preliminary plan with the elevation want and price it with the finishes you choose...


*Preliminary plans will include 1 story floor plan and front elevation.  This service will be provided to customers that own or have a contract on land and have the financial ability to build.  Preliminary plans will be for the purpose of pricing the home to build with Classic Custom Homes, Inc. and will remain the property of Classic Custom Homes, Inc.


Preliminary plans may be purchased by the customer if they choose not to build with Classic Custom Homes, Inc.

Dale helped me build the home of my dreams. I went to him with an idea and together we 'tweaked' it until it was perfect. He kept me informed thru all the entire building process. He personally watched over it from beginning to end very closely so that it was built correctly and no short cuts were taken. He did everything as if it were going to be his own home.


I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to have their dream
home built.

- Sandy Womble

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